Swifty Sharp™ cordless motorized blade sharpener works for all kinds of knives and cutting tools. Get a free bonus when you order Swifty Sharp™ today!

Features and Benefits

  • Professional grade, high-speed sharpening stone sharpens and hones the blade
  • Built-in guide holds the blade at the perfect angle
  • Precision power sharpening at a fraction of the price
  • Catch tray under the guide collects metal shavings
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Safe and easy to use

Restore the razor's edge on any blade in just seconds!

  • Chefs Knife SharpenerChef's Knives
  • Steak Knife SharpenerSteak Knives
  • Bread Knife SharpenerClassic Serrated Knives
  • Pairing Knife SharpenerPairing Knives
  • Filet Knife SharpenerFilet Knives
  • Meat Cleaver SharpenerMeat Cleavers
  • Scissors SharpenerScissors
  • Hand Tools SharpenerSmall Hand Tools
  • Hedge Clipper SharpenerHedge Clippers
Swifty Sharp features a nifty catch tray Compact design for easy storage